Custom - Coloured Corners

Custom - Coloured Corners
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  • 2018
  • Kendama Europe GmbH
Marcels Customs were designed and implemented by one of Germany's most ambitious Kendama... mehr
Custom - Coloured Corners

Marcels Customs were designed and implemented
by one of Germany's most ambitious Kendama players.
Marcel has built up his reputition during the past years
and is not only well known for his unique designs,
but also for his great clear lacquer. He is constantly testing
and developing new laquers, always wiht the aim
to find the most perfect paint job results. In doing so,
he usually meets a very balanced mixture of good longevity and optimal playability.

Note: All Custom Kendamas are hand-painted and may contain design errors.

Marcels Custom Kendamas come pre-assembled and ready to play.

Inclduded is an extra string with pearl, a mounting tool and a sticker.

Höhe: 18,5cm
Verpackungsgewicht: 250g
Breite: 7,0cm
Kugeldurchmesser: 6,0cm
Modell: Custom Models
Gewicht Schwert: 70g
Gewicht Kugel: 70g
Größe: klassisch
Farbe: grün, rot
Lack Eigenschaften: klassisch
Hersteller: Kendama Europe
Kendama Europe GmbH
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