Homegrown Next Gen Maple Cushion

Homegrown Next Gen Maple Cushion
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The mainstay of our Homegrown Kendamas is back. Maple is one of the best playing, and most... mehr
Homegrown Next Gen Maple Cushion

The mainstay of our Homegrown Kendamas is back. Maple is one of the best playing, and most durable woods for kendama. These Maple Completes feature the Next Gen shape for superior playability and style.  The kens are strung with a Spinner Bead to help prevent string tangle during play.  The tama features our signature Cushion Clear finish, which offers the perfect amount of grip to land any trick.

Homegrown Kendamas are made locally in our home state of Minnesota by expert wood craftsmen. Sweets Kendanam work with the manufacturer closely to bring to market the highest quality Kendama to ever bear the Sweets name.  Our Cushion Clear is applied at the Sweets Lab in Minneapolis by our skilled team of painters.  Every complete Homegrown Kendama comes boxed with an HG Grain Print Bandana, HG Stickers, HG Pin, and an extra string and bead.

Sweets Kendamas has partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation, so that every Homegrown kendama bought plants a tree!

Altersempfehlung: Geeignet für Kinder ab 14 Jahren.
Hersteller: Sweets Kendama
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