Zack Gallagher - Prime Pro Model

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  • Sweets Kendamas
The newest Pro to be added to the Sweets Kendamas team! Originally announced at the 2017... mehr
Zack Gallagher - Prime Pro Model

The newest Pro to be added to the Sweets Kendamas team! Originally announced at the 2017 Minnesota Kendama Open, the Zack Gallagher Pro Model is finally available!
Zack worked with the Sweets design team and artist Stephen Maxam to come up with a Pro Mod that was is unique to him, and excellent to play.


    Custom Engraved Prime Pro Maple Ken
    Original Art by Stephen Maxam
    Prime Sticky Clear Tama
    Unique Tama Designed by Zack
    Metal Spinner Bead
    Custom Dyed String


The Prime Pro Model features a custom Tama design that makes tracking the hole easier than ever.
Our high-gloss Prime Sticky Clear provides competition ready tack in all conditions.
Our latest and greatest Prime Ken made of high quality hard wood Maple provides outstanding balance, increased durability, and crispy clicks and clacks. 
The Prime Kens larger cups and heavier perimeter allow for exceptional lunar balance and increased gunslinger and ken-flip whip.

Zack Gallagher's name is engraved on the Sarado as well as the NZ Gallagher Logo on the base cup. The spike is engraved to match the tracking on the tama.

The swirl pattern on the tama is based on art custom made for these Pro Models. Local Minneapolis artist Stephen Maxam worked with the Gallaghers and the Sweets design team to come up with these original pieces.


    Colored string and metal bearing bead for perfect string control.
    Unique Packaging with Custom Stickers

Modell: Pro Models
Altersempfehlung: Geeignet für Kinder ab 14 Jahren.
Hersteller: Sweets Kendama
Breite: 7,0cm
Gewicht Schwert (Kann abweichen): 70g
Verpackungsgewicht: 250g
Größe: klassisch
Sweets Kendamas
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