The Pill - Wenge

The Pill - Wenge
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  • PIL011
  • Terra Kandama
This special run of Pills were designed with the player in mind. From their eye-catching... mehr
The Pill - Wenge
This special run of Pills were designed with the player in mind. From their eye-catching woodgrain to their playability and feel, these Pills are truly something special. We selected these wood species for their varied aesthetic, density, and feel. Wenge is a very dark & beautiful wood originating from Africa with slightly porous grain, contrasting with brown and black hues. *Please note that the grain structure for exotic wood species are different than the beech wood found in most Kendamas and Pills. Any wooden toy is expected to show wear after being played with. To keep your Pill in good condition, we suggest playing gently over softer surfaces like carpet or grass. The exotic woods can crack or chip easier than beech wood if dropped on a hard surface, so please play these beauties responsibly.
Altersempfehlung: Geeignet für Kinder ab 14 Jahren.
Farbe: Wenge
Modell: The Pill
Hersteller: Terra Kendama
Terra Kandama
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Kundenbewertungen für "The Pill - Wenge"

I love this Wenge Wood.

it fills solid and warm to the touch, simple design and multiple possibilities. this skill-toy is amazing.

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