Pro Model - TJ Kolesnik - Make Waves

Pro Model - TJ Kolesnik - Make Waves
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  • Kendama USA
TJ Kolesnik's Pro Model is here and it's making waves! This pro model is the first... mehr
Pro Model - TJ Kolesnik - Make Waves

TJ Kolesnik's Pro Model is here and it's making waves! This pro model is the first Kendama Kendama USA has made entirely of ash wood and the first quad striped tama design. The natural wood & blue gradient colors are inspired by the sand and the water when looking out to our deep blue seas. Kendama USA has coated this model with their new updated Super Stick paint, so this Kendama lets you control the ebb and flow of your game. Keep your tricks locked in through the strongest of tides. This Kendama is personally designed by TJ Kolesnik, with several personal detailed engravings adorning the Kendama.

The TJ Kolesnik Pro Model Features: 

  • Ash wood construction
  • Kaizen handle shape with traditional style assembly
  • Quad Striped Color Tama
  • Tama coated with Super Stick paint for extreme control
  • Custom artwork burned into the handle, cups, and cup rims

Each Pro Model includes a replacement string and bead, instructional guide, stringing tool and stickers.

Note from TJ: 

This Kendama is designed to represent the beauty of waves and elements associated with water. I chose to incorporate the snowflake and anchor to represent being born and raised in Lake Tahoe, and now residing in San Diego. The 4-way color on the tama has the illusion of looking out into bodies of water. With the sand at your feet, you look off into the distance to see the shades of blue getting deeper and darker. The compass represents the gift of traveling to new places, meeting new faces, and exploring our world. No matter where I end up, I will always be influenced by the motion of the ocean to seek new journeys. How will you make waves?

Kugeldurchmesser: 6,0cm
Breite: 7,0cm
Schnurlänge: 40,0cm
Hersteller: Kendama USA
Altersempfehlung: Geeignet für Kinder ab 14 Jahren.
Modell: Pro Models
Höhe: 18,5cm
Verpackungsgewicht: 250g
Farbe: blau, natur
Lack Eigenschaften: klassisch
Gewicht Kugel (Kann abweichen): 70g
Gewicht Schwert (Kann abweichen): 70g
Größe: klassisch
Kendama USA
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Kundenbewertungen für "Pro Model - TJ Kolesnik - Make Waves"

A lot of money ? Does it worth ? [EN]

For a verry high price kendama , Make Waves isnt the best ! There are more kendams FOR lower price a lot better ! The grip îs good at the begining but after 1 month playing the grip will start to ne worst and worst ! If you have a lot of money and you colect them , i surely recomand ! The design is fantastic ! And a good point about the design is that the drawing from the cupes is helping you to know witch cup you have to catch in tricks like hand-roll!


Schön und Sticky

Über Geschmack lässt sich streiten aber meiner Meinung nach hat das MakeWaves das perfekte Design für alle die Strand, Wasser und Wellen l(i)eben. Der Lack ist schön sticky, kommt an ein Slaydawg-lack nicht ganz ran. Aber schön ausgewogen, eben perfekt für Stringtricks.

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