Homegrown X Mugen - Wine

Homegrown X Mugen - Wine
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  • Homegrown X Mugen
  • Sweets Kendamas
SK honored to present their collaboration with Kazuma Iwata to you! The Homegrown... mehr
Homegrown X Mugen - Wine
SK honored to present their collaboration with Kazuma Iwata to you!
The Homegrown x Mugen is the first time the legend behind Mugen has worked directly with an American kendama company. This is a limited release, once these sell out, we will not be producing any more in this color!

For our first collaboration we went with one of the most classic colors, Wine. Pictures do not do the tama justice. You are able to see the amazing cherry grain through the transparent wine paint, making each tama unique. The stick on these tamas is amazing, just enough to grip lunar first t, but still some slip reminiscent of the OG paint. 

Weight matched~ 10g with a Maple Next Gen Homegrown ken, these are ready to shred.
But if you want to keep in on a pedestal, under glass, behind a velvet rope, we totally get it. 

Each Homegrown x Mugen comes with:
  • Cherry tama painted by Kazuma Iwata with kanji engraving in bevel
  • Maple Next Gen Ken
  • HG x Mugen Seal
  • HG x Mugen Oversized Seal Sticker
  • HG x Mugen Bar Sticker
  • HG x Mugen Seal Pin
  • HG Bandanna
  • Extra String
Altersempfehlung: Geeignet für Kinder ab 7 Jahren.
Modell: Homegrown
Hersteller: Sweets Kendama
Verpackungsgewicht: 250g
Sweets Kendamas
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