Record + Eternal God Kendama

The cooperation between Julien Bam and Kendama Europe has become a complete success with the Record + Eternal God Kendama.

Kenek - the game with the inversion of time

Let us take you on a little confusing journey that is meant to be thought provoking and joyful.

Kendama meets music

Today we introduce you to musicians and songs that have either made Kendama the center of their lyrics or even made music with a Kendama.

Kendama Europe - the founding story

Kendama Europe was founded over fifteen years ago as the first Kendama company in Europe by the friends Philipp, Sebastian, and Marc. In this article, we'll tell you how it all began...

The History of Kendama

Most of us are familiar with Kendama as a Japanese skill game. But what exactly lies behind the history of Kendama? And how did Kendama Europe come into existence?

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