A Kendama rap song

Germany's first Kendama rap song is here and comes from Hip Hop's underground scene directly from Leipzig!
The rappers, who call themselves cave collective, are, in addition to their activity as a musician, also enthusiastic Kendama players.
But first some information about the master Beatmachern and rappers, who made the effort and have produced their own track to Kendama.
The Cave Collective is an association of producers, rappers, graffiti artists from Leipzig, who are dedicated to socio-critical and contemporary chaplaincies and thereby provide more and more attention in the scene.
Artists around the lead rapper Almächtig have already discovered the Kendama and its energetic and expressive value for several years and this year realized a Kendama song with a suitable music video. We are very happy to introduce you to the Kendama Rap Song by Almächtig and the Cave Collective here and now for the first time.
The beat comes from J-Beats. The lyrics of Älmächtig and Filo & Eisman.


Cualquiera que haya llegado al gusto y quiera tener aún más de los muchachos en los oídos, aquí están todos los enlaces necesarios. Sin embargo, para nosotros es muy claro que podremos jalar a la compañía en vivo, ¡ya que el flujo es más gordo!
Filo & Eisman:
Tags: Musik, Rap, HipHop
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