Record + Eternal God Kendama

We are very happy to present you the result of our collaboration with the artist Julien Bam. Julien Bam is known to most as a Youtuber from the very beginning, who with his creative and diverse content, as an autodidact and pioneer, has conquered the hearts of his fans with his work to this day.
Julien has been playing Kendama for a number of years and since this game is something close to his heart, he wanted to offer his fans something very special. A high-quality, super-balanced kendama in the Eternal God look was the target. So we found each other quickly and the cooperation between Julien Bam, Bravado and Kendama Europe could begin.
The basic model for this was the new Record Plus Kendama, which comes from our company - Kendama Europe. The Record Plus Kendama is the latest Kendama model that we have developed with 14 years of Kendama experience. The special thing here is the completely revised shape. The balance in this kendama has been perfected down to the last detail, but I'll tell you more about that in the video.
Of course, the unique design and the Eternal God CI comes from Julien and Bravado and has given the Record + Eternal God Kendama a very special touch. This kendama is truly unique in its entirety.
 We celebrate this special cooperation and combination!!

Enough talking, we also made a little video for you.
Our Pro Team players Henri and Olaf show you some bangers with the good Record + Eternal God Kendama while I tell you a bit about the shape.
Have fun!!



And here is the video with which Julien presented his Eternal God Kendama for the first time.


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