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The German Kendama Champion - An interview

As you probably know, Kendama is not only a fun pastime game for young and old, it can also be tackled a bit more seriously and participate in real international masterpieces. Today we met with someone who has already participated in some competitions, such as the 2018 Kendama World Championship in Japan.

Olaf, who has been a member of the Pro Team at Kendama Europe since the summer of 2018, secured his title in two disciplines at the DKM this year. We took the opportunity to do a short interview with him.


Hello Olaf, congratulations to the title of the German Kendama Master you brought home from DKM 2019 in June. You have become German champions in the SPEED TRICK competition as well as in the supreme discipline KNOCK OUT. Is this your first big contest success?

  •     Many thanks. Yes, it's my first big contest I won. There have been smaller championships where I made the second or third place, but only with the DKM I have managed to properly relax and concentrate and thus get me the 1st place.


How did you prepare for this German championship?

  •     I've gone through all the tricks from the list and constantly practiced again and again. Immediately before the championship, I played well and breathed well.


 Did you arrive with the goal to win or was it just important for you to participate?

  •     It has always been my dream to win the DKM. I participated with the aim to do my best. If I do not win, at least I know I did everything I could.


 Was it hard for you to stand up to the competition?

  •     We have many talented players in Germany. Of course it's a bit stressful to play against the stage. I lost the first round of this DKM against my friend and teammate Samy Booth. Fortunately, I still had a chance to retaliate in the final.


How important is Kendama in your life?

  •     Whether happy or sad, I can always play kendama. It's just the perfect way for me to jump out of real life and be in the moment.

What is your biggest incentive to play Kendama?

  •      I love Kendama for having so many options that it just can not get boring. I think that's the reason why I still have the same fun and motivation to play for 4 years. There is still much to discover at Kendama!

 What else are your goals in playing Kendama?

  •     I always want to improve. I want to discover for myself where my skill limit lies. I also want to help spread Kendama and bring the game to as many people as possible.

What do you wish for the sport Kendama for the future?

    I hope it gets as well known as skateboarding. That you walk across the street and see children with Kendamas. That championships no longer take place in halls but on stadiums! I can not wait until I see kendama at the Olympics.

Is there something like a Kendama sponsor providing you with Kendamas?

  •     I am sponsored by kendama Europe. I've been in the team for over a year. Since then you support me, give kendamas and plan my events and travel. I am very grateful for that and I am looking forward to further experiences with ken Europe!

And if you still want to see some tricks from Olaf, you can watch Pro Team Edit here:

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