Pocket Performance Pack

Pocket Performance Pack
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Size matters! Whether monster big or pocket small, playing kendama can take on a variety of...más
Pocket Performance Pack

Size matters! Whether monster big or pocket small, playing kendama can take on a variety of dimensions. Only the fun of the game is always same large. The Performance X Pocket Pack offers a great change for those who have played only the standard sizes.

The Sesh 2 Pro packs come with a Play Performance and a Play  Pocket Kendama in the color combination of the picture.

The packaging includes an illustrated instruction with trick and safety instructions as well as a replacement string.

More detailed information about the two kens can be found on their respective page:


Größe: klassisch, Monster, Pocket
Breite: 7,0cm, 9,4cm
Altersempfehlung: Geeignet für Kinder ab 7 Jahren.
Gewicht Schwert (Kann abweichen): 70g, 165g
Gewicht Kugel (Kann abweichen): 70g, 165g
Schnurlänge: 40,0cm, 55,0cm
Kugeldurchmesser: 6,0cm, 8,0cm
Höhe: 18,5cm, 24,5cm
Hersteller: Kendama Europe
Lack Eigenschaften: klassisch
Lackierung: glänzend, matt
Farbe: lila, orange
Holzart: Buchenholz
Kendma Europe GmbH
Kendma Europe GmbH
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