The Pill - Bamboo

The Pill - Bamboo
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  • PIL010
This special run of Pills were designed with the player in mind. From their eye-catching...más
The Pill - Bamboo
This special run of Pills were designed with the player in mind. From their eye-catching woodgrain to their playability and feel, these Pills are truly something special. We selected these wood species for their varied aesthetic, density, and feel.
Using a beautiful compressed bamboo wood stock, it provides a very unique look, feel and sound.
*Please note that the grain structure for exotic wood species are different than the beech wood found in most Kendamas and Pills.
Any wooden toy is expected to show wear after being played with. To keep your Pill in good condition, we suggest playing gently over softer surfaces like carpet or grass. The exotic woods can crack or chip easier than beech wood if dropped on a hard surface, so please play these beauties responsibly.

**Side effects include: sick skills, increased precision, and non-stop fun
** Each Jumbo Pill comes with an extra string, info card and a sticker.
color: naturaleza
Fabricante: Terra Kendama
modelo: The Pill
recomendación de edad: Geeignet für Kinder ab 14 Jahren.
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