Austria Kendama Open 2019

Austria Kendama Open

Last weekend we organized together with Kendama Austria the second Austrian championship. The Kendama event, which took place in the heart of Vienna, brought together nearly 30 Kendama players from all over Austria who played for the coveted titles in the disciplines Speed ​​Trick, Knock Out and Freestlye. Obviously, there were various mini games, spike offs, etc. where everybody had fun. The excitement in the individual competitions was not only caused by the now quite high skill level of the individual players, but also the fighting spirit and the emotions when it comes to landing the trick in the competition. In this short blog entry we collected the results and pictures of the event. After the event is before the event, so we look forward to seeing our neighbors hopefully soon to WKO (Vienna Kendama Open) again.

Speed ​​Trick Beginner:

1st place: Konrad Lercher

2nd place: Christian Urzica

3rd place: Tobi Mechtler

Speed ​​Trick Advanced:

1st place: Luz Hackl

2nd place: Leon Schatzl

3rd place: Lukas Beck

Knock Out Beginner:

1st place: Christian Urzica

2nd place: Tobi Mechtler

3rd place: Christopher Lux

Knock Out Intermediate:

1st place: Jakob Winetzhammer

2nd place: David Traska

3rd place: Sandor Szabadi

Knock Out Advanced:

1st place: Leon Schatzl

2nd place: Luz Hackl

3rd place: Quan Nguyen


1st place: Leon Schatzl

2nd place: Moritz Brezina

3rd place: Luz Hackl




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