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Kendama Europe Events

Events have been an important part of Kendama's history since the beginning of Kendama's life, and have been the most fun part of Kendama's life. In addition, you have to have events to which you can send all the team players, so you not only at home or play with friends Kendama. In any case, over the years, we have had a variety of events, whether attending, sponsoring or self-organizing. Here, in the following, we want to show Ech a few impressions from past events, which are best remembered.

The European Kendama Open (EKO) 2011 in Munich

The EKO gave us the opportunity to host the first major international championship here in Munich. We did not miss the opportunity to invite Tomoya Mukai from Japan. In the run-up to the event, he then visited the first major live broadcast with Marc, in which Kendama was presented to the BR.


Tomoya Mukai's Kendama Show

Tomoya's Kendama Show was definitely a highlight at the EKO. At the time, the show was the ultimate in what the international skill level had to offer. Unbelievable, how times change.


EKO 2012 in Toulouse

The trip to the EKO in France was one of our first team trips abroad. At the time there were Yannick Brunner, Nikolas Schopfer and the gifted Bilboquet player Raphael Cochet.


Bucharest Mall Romania

Legendary was the first big Kendama event in Romania, which we organized in Bucharest in cooperation with Oase and CRBL. This event has opened a new chapter in Kendama history in Romania.


Bucharest competition at Plazza Mall 2017

Another big event we have in the Plazza Mal, one of the most glamorous Malls Romania aligned. Special Act at the event was the music RAP Superstart CRBL, who gave his live debut of his Kendama song "King Dama".


German Kendama Championship (DKM) 2017

The third German Kendama Championship was held in a bouldering hall in Mannheim. We took the opportunity to record a mini-documentary about the Kendama, the different competition modes and the player scene.


Kendama World Cup (KWC) 2017

We visited the Kendama World Cup last year, where we had the opportunity to capture some nice impressions. We look forward to visiting Japan soon with a grown team. We will tell you how this year's trip will look like in one of the next blog entries.



Kendama World Cup (KWC) 2018

In 2018, we once again participated in the World Cup in Japan with the Kendama Europe Team. Not only did we take part in the championship, but we filmed a documentary about the Kendama story. We are looking forward to introducing you to the first Kendama documentary soon.

First of all, we have already captured a few impressions from Japan.



Kendama Europe Latvia Open

The Kendama year 2019 started with a Kendama hype in Latvia. We were on the occasion with our team in Riga and have probably organized the longest championship in Europe. 329 participants from various countries played for the coveted titles in Speed Trick and Knock Out competitions. Another event highlight was the appearance of Reiks Ir Visur, who presented his specially produced Kendama track to the public for the first time at our event. Get an impression of the Latvian event here:



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