Kendama is now part of the gorilla movement

Kendama is now part of the gorilla movement. Kendama Europe and Let's Go Gorillas share a common goal of promoting healthy living through having fun. The gorillas support a healthy lifestyle primarily by bringing freestyle sports directly to schools and holding workshops there. The following sports have been counted to date: skating, parkour, freestyle football, breakdancing, longboarding, slacklining and freestyle frisbee. When we first met we immediately recognized our similarities and Kendama quickly became an integral part of the gorilla movement. But to get an even better picture of the gorilla message, watch this beautiful video:

The Gorilla Embassy

 Since the beginning of our cooperation we have realized tutorials together, Kendama workshops are offered on school tours and now there is even the first Record + Gorilla Kendama. Kendama Europe team player and gorilla ambassador Paul shows you a few chilled flow tricks with the new Kendama in the following video.


The new Gorilla Kendama is now available exclusively at and in the LetsGoGorillas shop.

LetsGoGorillas webshop.

We are happy if we have inspired you to celebrate a healthy lifestyle through fun in games and exercise and to pass it on and spread it together with all of us who are interested.





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