Kendama Worldcup 2019 - official tricklist

The Kendama Worldcup in Japan is one of the worlds largest anual Kendama events.

In 2018 competitors from 18 different countries from around the world came together in Hatsukaichi, in order to figure out the worlds best Kendama player. Pro players prepare themselves months before the competition and start with their training. With receiving the playlists, the training comes to the final stage and enthusiast Kendama players start making their competition plan. Well, the 2019 trick lists have just been released and we have wrapped them up for you here.

Have fun practicing!

Level 1
01: Base cup
02: Airplane
03: Easy big cup, Spike
04: Trapeze
05: Takoyaki
06: Baseball
07: Spike
08: Easy big cup hopscotch x 2
09: Hanging clap catch
10: Moshikame x 11


Level 2
01: Frying pan, Spike
02: Jumping stick
03: Around Japan
04: Earth turn
05: Stuntplane
06: Spike, Flying top
07: Hanging spike
08: Lighthouse, Falling in
09: Base cup, Rising dragon spike
10: Downspike


Level 3
01: Big cup, Kenflip big cup, Spike
02: Half spacewalk
03: Around Europe
04: Whirlwind
05: Juggle big cup, Spike
06: 1 turn lighthouse, Tradespike
07: Bird, 1 turn spike
08: Lunar, Flip in
09: Turntable, Spike
10: Airplane, Base cup, Downspike


Level 4
01: Sweets special
02: Downspike fasthand, Jumping stick
03: Around USA
04: Airplane, 1.5 turn swap spike
05: Juggle spike
06: Swirl to airplane
(Ken grip start)
07: Underbird, Falling in
08: Stilt, Downspike
09: Handlestall, 1 turn spike
10: 1 turn lighthouse, Penguin spike


Level 5
01: Lightning drop swap spike
02: 2 turn airplane, Double jumping stick
03: Around Denmark
04: Double whirlwind
05: Tap juggle spike
06: Kenflip tap lighthouse, Tradespike
07: Mooncircle fast swing spike
08: Ghost lunar, Stuntplane fasthand
09: Stuntplane fast under the leg catch (Both feet on the ground)
10: Kenflip downspike


Level 6
01: Lightning drop flamingo swap spike
02: Double mooncircle double kenflip swap in
03: Around stall, 1 turn spike
04: Stuntplane, Stuntplane forward flip fasthand penguin
05: Bird, Juggle bird, 1 turn spike
06: Stilt tre flip, Tradespike
07: 1 turn tap lighthouse, Tap lighthouse, Tap inward flip in
08: Inward lunar, Gypsy flip, Falling in
09: Bunny hop floor spike
10: Double juggle downspike


Level 7
01: Kenflip juggle kenflip juggle spike
02: Airplane, 1.5 turn swap ghost throw tap swap 1.5 kenflip swap in
03: 1-2-3 lighthouse flip, Falling in
04: 2 turn swap inward double kenflip swap in
05: Double tap double juggle spike
06: Stilt, Base cup, Ghost stilt, Flip in
07: Airplane, Dirty finger double flip juggle bird, 1 turn spike
08: 1 turn lunar, Arm bounce 1 turn lunar, Flip in
09: Faster than gravity fasthand lighthouse, Stuntplane
10: Candle handlestall, Kenflip downspike


Level 8
01: Triple kenflip juggle triple kenflip spike
02: Airplane, Inward 3 turn swap downspike fasthand, 3 turn swap downspike fasthand
03: 1-2-3 inward small cup bird flips , Inward flip in
04: Lightning drop swap kenflip downspike fasthand
05: Tap juggle inward tap juggle double tap juggle spike
06: Stilt over the valley, Bird over the valley, 1 turn spike
07: Airplane, Candle double inward kenflip inward lunar, Falling in
08: Inward lunar, 1.5 flip spike tap 1.5 flip inward lunar, Falling in
09: Juggle pinky spike, Juggle arm bounce spike
10: Swing spike, 1.5 kenflip gunslinger downspike


Level 9
01: Kenflip-flip juggle kenflip-flip spike
02: Lightning drop fast swap kenflip 1.5 kenflip in
03: Lighthouse, 1-2-3 flip tap lighthouse, Tradespike
04: Pull up tap stuntplane fasthand, Tap stuntplane fasthand
05: Inward lunar, Flip swap kenflip inward kenflip to inward lunar, 1 turn tradespike
06: Stilt, Knee bounce half back flip stilt, Downspike fasthand
07: 2 turn tap lighthouse insta double flip swap underbird, spike
08: Inward lunar, Double back flip inward lunar, 1 turn tradespike
09: Bird, Bird super flamingo, 1 turn spike
10: Triple tap swap downspike fasthand


Level 10
01: 10 Juggle spike
02: Airplane, 5 tap flip in
03: Around 1-2-3 jumping stick
04: Triple tap -> juggle kenflip x 3 -> spike
05: Triple gunslinger juggle triple gunslinger spike
06: Stilt flip, Stilt barrel roll, Stilt tre flip, Flip in
07: 1 turn tap lighthouse insta inward flip swap tap lighthouse insta inward flip swap spike
08: Inward lunar, Double spike tap cushion inward lunar, Spike tap in
09: Triple spacewalk spike tap 3-turn in
10: Triple inward gunslinger handlestall, Downspike


Level 11

01: 3 turn swap spike, Kenflip-flip-flip spike
02: Triple tap triple kenflip juggle lighthouse, Triple tap triple kenflip juggle spike
03: Around candle handlestall
04: Big cup, Nod to underbird, Big cup, Nod to bird, Small cup, Nod to small bird, Base cup, Nod to handlestall, 1 turn spike
05: Inward lunar, Flip lighthouse insta spike tap 1.5 flip juggle spike tap 1.5 flip lighthouse insta inward flip lunar, Falling in
06: 1 turn stilt, 1.5 flip swap triple kenflip -> kenflip stilt, Flip in
07: Fasthand bird, Lean house, Stuntplane fasthand
08: Inward lunar, Spike tap 3 turn cushion inward lunar, Falling in
09: Triple spacewalk fast swap handlestall, 1 turn spike
10: Airplane, Triple tap juggle double tap juggle tap in


Level 12

01: Kenflip-flip-flip juggle triple kenflip lighthouse insta trade downspike
02: Triple mooncircle fast juggle triple hippie flip swap spike
03: Airplane, 3 turn swap candle handlestall, Downspike
04: Inward stilt, 1.5 flip lighthouse insta juggle triple kenflip juggle lighthouse insta inward flip inward stilt, Flip in
05: Tightrope, Flip in
06: Inward lunar, Inward triple lunar flip -> insta flip swap inward kenflip inward lunar x 3, Triple inward lunar flip insta flip swap spike
07: Inward lunar, Forward double tap juggle double tap juggle inward double flip inward lunar, Double tap 1 turn in
08: Swing inward lunar, Backflip inward lunar insta juggle backward inward lunar insta backflip inward lunar, Tradespike
09: Triple spacewalk fast 1 turn stilt, Flip in
10: Triple gunslinger kengrip downspike fasthand, 1.5 turn swap triple gunslinger kengrip downspike fasthand


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