Kenek - the game with the inversion of time

There is no time in the sense of a universal flow, but different times.

Time seems to flow incessantly, and just like the flow of a river, time seems to flow incessantly and always in one direction - toward the future. But maybe that's not true. In the last century, science has found that many of the ideas of our time are probably nothing more than an illusion. Contrary to our everyday experiences, time may not flow at all. Our past may not be past at all and our future may already be here. As it turns out, time can speed up or slow down. And events that seem to always go in one direction can also happen in the reverse order.

Kenek Kendama is about that, the concept of inversion of time.

Let us take you on a little confusing journey that is meant to be thought provoking and joyful.

Flow the Catch


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