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Unlocking Potential: Kendama Workshops Transforming Education


Empowering Education through Kendama Workshops

Paul has been traveling with our partner, "LetsGoGorillas," from school to school, conducting Kendama workshops for children throughout the summer. Through our collaboration, we've successfully distributed approximately 2000 Kendamas to delighted and smiling kids, all free of charge. This initiative holds a special place in our hearts and embodies the core of our vision.

Our goal is not only to bring Kendamas to schools and introduce children to the joy of active play but also to communicate the added value of the game to teachers and educators. Kendama goes beyond being just a recreational activity; it fosters essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, stamina, concentration, focus, and overall physical movement. These elements can seamlessly translate into various aspects of life, contributing significantly to positive development as children transition into adulthood.

In addition to the sheer enjoyment the workshops bring, they serve as a platform for promoting holistic growth, emphasizing the importance of physical activity in the learning process. We believe that integrating Kendamas into educational settings not only enhances the students' well-being but also provides educators with a valuable tool to instill crucial life skills. This endeavor aligns with our commitment to creating a positive and impactful educational experience for young minds.

Are you a teacher or educator interested in Kendama? Reach out to us! We offer not only play equipment but also our expertise and support. Contact us—we look forward to it.



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