The German Kendama Champion - An interview

Olaf secured the title of German Kendama Master in Leipzig this year. We had an interview with him and asked how he was preparing for such an event, where the big challenge was and what his next goals in sports would be.

Kendama World Championship 2019

One of the big annual highlights of the worldwide Kendama scene is the World Championship in Hatsukaichi, Japan. Teams and players from different brands from around the world take part. We report on the highlights and the official results of the KWC 2019.
The Domina Kendama Open was a real epic mega event!
A few days after the event, we are still totally stoked about what just happened in Latvia. Here are the results, pictures, videos and stories about Latvias largest Kendama event.
The upcoming Domina Kendama Open will be Latvias largest Kendama Event of all time.

Kendama Europe Events

In the past there have been a lot of events we have participated in, sponsored or even hosted by ourselves. In this article we report a few highlights of the past years.
Olaf is now part of the Kendama Europe Pro Team. Olaf comes from Berlin and is one of the most talented and best Kendama players in Germany. His first team edit is now online.

Kendama World Cup 2017 - wrap up

At the Kendama World Cup 2017 we were able to capture some voices and impressions.

The Kendama Europe Pro Team - part two

In Part One of the Pro Team Story, you learned a bit about the beginnings of our team. In part two of the story, we want to introduce you to today's Kendama Europe team players.

The Kendama Europe Pro Team - part one

Over the last decade, we have had the opportunity to team up with some of the most talented and creative Kendama players. Today we would like to introduce you to some of them.
Our last article was about the genesis of the game of skill Kendama and the company Kendama Europe. Today we want to talk about the two core brands Play and Record as well as their special features.

Kendama Europe - the founding story

Kendama Europe was founded over fifteen years ago as the first Kendama company in Europe by the friends Philipp, Sebastian, and Marc. In this article, we'll tell you how it all began...

The History of Kendama

Most of us are familiar with Kendama as a Japanese skill game. But what exactly lies behind the history of Kendama? And how did Kendama Europe come into existence?

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